Handi-Treads Non-Slip Aluminum Treads (OVERRUNS)



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  • Lengths of 12″ to 60″, based on limited availability
  • Widths of 3.75″ treads and 1.875″ strips, based on limited availability
  • The color of finish varies based on availability
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Product Description

We have a limited supply of these custom-manufactured tread overruns for a client that originally ordered treads in a yellow powder-coated finish, and later changed their mind and requested a brown finish.  As a result, these overrun treads have a yellow powder-coat underneath the brown powder-coat. You can see a hint of yellow along the edges or ridges of these treads and it is likely that as the traction buttons wear, you will note a bit of yellow on the buttons. In every other way these overruns are perfect.  The treads do not come with screws. You will need to purchase screws to attach them to your stairs, ramps or flooring.

Non Slip Aluminum Stair Treads
Handi-Treads are an economical permanent solution to slip and fall hazards. These non slip treads can change a walkway, staircase, ramp, or other pathway into a safe nonslip surface in minutes. The unique construction of Handi-Treads provides the best slip, trip, and fall prevention with its patented raised button surface which grips on to your shoe or foot and provides instant traction. Handi-Treads are lightweight, take minutes to install, and look quite attractive. They are the ideal cost-effective solution because they are more durable than non slip grit tape and grip paint and will not need replacing. Plus these treads are made of aluminum, so they will not rust or corrode.

Factory Overruns are Not Returnable

Installation instructions for aluminum treads on wood

Installation instructions for aluminum treads on concrete or brick