Sidewalk Repair And Slip-And-Fall Prevention

In many communities both businesses and homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and safety of their sidewalks. With the winter cycle of freezing and thawing, it’s common to see concrete sidewalk slabs start to rise or fall creating a mis-matched walking surface that can be very dangerous.

it can cost several hundred or thousands of dollars to repair even a small section of sidewalk and the time involved in scheduling and executing the repair can be weeks.  To solve this problem, Handi-Treads, a subsidiary of Handi-Ramps, has created a sidewalk repair kit that takes advantage of the patented Handi-Treads dimples aluminum non-slip surface. The sheet of dimpled, high-traction aluminum forms a bridge that can safely take people over the uneven gap between two concrete slabs.

Installation is simple requiring only concrete lags or rivets to secure the non-slip sidewalk repair sheet to the surface of the sidewalk.

Neither heavy snow, ice or rain are a match for the Handi-Treads aluminum sidewalk repair sheets which require not maintenance. The Handi-Treads can be safely cleaned with snow shovels.